Alchemy Punch

Alchemy Punch is our first project, and we finished it in October 2017! It’s a fast-paced puzzle game about manipulating the elements of Fire, Plant and Water. You can play it right here:

In Alchemy Punch, the objective of the game is to slay monsters. These little guys:

monster introductions

They are monsters. To slay a monster, you need to match at least three tiles which are an element that monster is weak to. This little guy is a plant golem, and plants burn easily, so let’s burn it with some fire.

slaying instructions_2

But how do we make those combos to begin with? In Alchemy Punch, instead of swapping tiles like common match-three games, you have to change them with adjacent tiles. You do this by understanding the rock-paper-scissors relationship of the elements. Water puts out fire, fire burns plant, and plant grows in water. Dragging between two or more tiles executes a conversion based on this law. So if you drag a fire tile over a plant tile, the plant will transform into fire! Or, if you decide to go crazy and drag all over the place:

conversion basics

You progress through waves until you become overrun by monsters who lower your life meter every time they move, which can be replenished by progressing. Reach a score high enough to beat your friends, and if you progress far enough, you may encounter new enemies, with abilities more dangerous than simply moving one tile!

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Or, if you’re here for a TL;DR, this game is cool, and you should follow it.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to let us know in the contact tab up top, or in the comments below!

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