Bees Won’t Exist!

Bees Won’t Exist is a fast paced hack n’ slash game with a focus on adventure and BEES!

It never gets weird, obviously. I mean, why would you even suggest that it would? It’s about BEES. Like these little fellas!



Yep, that’s you killing them. It’s built off a very simple core combat system which always keeps you on your toes. But there’s puzzles to solve, too, and places to explore!




All along the way, you forge lasting and close friendships with trustworthy people and be heroes together!


If you want to give it a play, hop on over to Gamejolt! It’s totally free. Please let us know how things go!


We’re super proud of what we’ve ended up with. We’ve been accepted into the 2016 GCAP Student Showcase which is a massive honour, and despite going pretty loopy with bee puns over the year, we’ve had a blast making it.

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