Well met, traveller

Hello and welcome to the very first post that we’re writing on this blog! If you’re reading this, you’ve either reached the end of all the posts we have available – sorry! – or this is in our early days where we are but a budding wordpress site. The site will probably look nothing like it looks like as I’m writing this, because we’ll have plastered art from our game everywhere after I fly off the handle and see bee-related art whenever I close my eyes. Weird!

Anyways, we are Honeyvale Games. Unless I’m finally assassinated after writing this post, you can read more about us in the ‘About Us’ section. But here’s just a taste: We are Honeyvale Games, a pair of friends who love making games – so much that we decided to brave that intimidating gap between ‘hobby’ and ‘profession’.

In this blog, we’ll be posting about what we’re doing in the games we make. Sometimes that’ll be art, or an explanation of mechanics. But we also post developer insights, articles written by us which we want to give to people who want an idea of how we do things, but also other developers by providing any tips on processes that we find lacking.

We hope to see you along the way!

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